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12 Hours of Murder

an a murder be cozy?

Read away and find out. Flitting from Wellington, New Zealand across the globe to small town England the 12 tales within have humour, mystery, and of course murder.

Featuring protagonists from the Silvermoon Retirement Village and Ghostly Hitchhiker cozy mysteries as well as several completely new characters, each story is set at a different time between 9am and 8pm over the course of one day.

Miriam, Yes Please, sees a young Alice dragging her friend Violet along to see a romantic meeting that is not what it seems.

In Knew His Killer, Alice recalls the tale of arson and murder that took place far away decades earlier, but is she just trying to distract her friends from something happening in front of them?

Stamp It Out, has Amanda caught up in the murder of her latest target. All she was after was a stamp, but things don’t go according to plan.

Read these and other bite sized stories within.

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