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Silvermoon Retirement Village Cozy Mysteries

Poker Chips and Poison

97-year-old retired con artist Alice Atkinson is bored. When one of her friends drops dead only Alice is convinced it is foul play. Along with her young reluctant apprentice, Alice has to dust off some old skills to find the murderer before he strikes again.  

Poker Chips Final Master.jpg

Knitting Needles and Knives

Alice is once more on the case, this time it's her friend Owen's granddaughter who is in trouble. She's in way over her head with corrupt police, and a murder. Alice and Vanessa have to untangle the mysteries to save the young girl, and themselves. 


Diamonds and Drowning

Murder hits close to home for Alice in a new mystery that just might be linked to something that happened decades earlier. 


Hip Flask and Hanging

Alice is back...and so is someone from her past. Now she has to look to her memories while juggling the mystery of who is stealing from her friend Teresa, while avoiding a potential murderer. Just another day at Silvermoon. 


Antiques and Assault

Silvermoon is rocked by an assault on a new resident. When her friends begin to question how safe the village is, Alice once more has to utilise her unique skills to get to the bottom of the mystery. When assault turns to murder she realises she might be running out of time. 

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