I mainly write cozy mysteries - murder mysteries that are generally clean, wholesome fun without the blood and gore.

Murder in Paint

Oliver Atkinson, married father of two and would be writer, has a woman on his mind. Literally. Violet Tumbleton died in 1948, but now she's taken up residence in Oliver's head. Someone is using her name and Violet wants it back.
Reluctantly Oliver agrees to help, and is soon entangled in a plot involving a stolen painting, and murder. He's way out of his depth as he teams up with Amanda, the con artist that started it all, to investigate while staying one step ahead of the resolute police detective.
One thing's for sure, he's going to need all his wits to avoid ending up a spirit like Violet.

Murder in Mud

Life is about to get muddy.
Oliver Atkinson thought his first ghostly hitchhiker was also his last. Until Angus McMurry arrives.
The grumpy old spirit isn’t leaving until Oliver proves Angus’s great, great grandson innocent of murdering his girlfriend.
Once more Oliver must navigate an unfamiliar world, this time consisting of university students, addicts, and a murderer.
Launching his next book is the last thing on Oliver’s mind, but one thing’s for sure, he better stay alive long enough to make his daughter’s unicorn birthday cake.

Murder in Doubt

No sooner has Oliver Atkinson dropped off the previous ghost hitchhiker than the next one reveals her presence. To make matters worse she’s the spirit of a nine-year-old, with a relaxed attitude towards the truth.

What starts out as a simple task quickly turns into an investigation into what happened to her friend in 1978. However what happened to her is as much of a mystery.

Now everyone seems to be lying to him as he deals with a daughter excited by her ghostly new friend, and suspects either dead or heading in that direction.

At least no one is trying to kill him this time…yet.

Murder in Pink

Missing money, a dead body, and a new ghostly hitchhiker.

Oliver Atkinson should be getting excited his fortieth birthday party. Instead he meets Toni, a young woman about to embark on a charity run. When her boyfriend is found murdered and she is the prime suspect, Charlie Morningside insists his long distant relative is innocent of murder. Although Charlie has been dead since 1921 so he is not the most reliable witness. 

With the help of Amanda, the con woman who seems to enjoy turning his world upside down, Oliver has to dig deep to find who would want the victim dead. Unfortunately all roads lead back to Toni and as evidence starts to mount up Oliver has to decide whether to follow the trail of clues or Charlie’s gut.

At least no one is trying to kill him this time. Yet.

Poker Chips and Poison

If old age doesn't get her..the murderer will.
97 year old Alice Atkinson should be comfortably living out her days at the Silvermoon Retirement Village. But she's bored. A lifetime of living in the grey area between right and wrong means that winning money off her friends at poker just isn't satisfying.
Then her friend is murdered, and she's the only one who thinks it's foul play. And even she has her doubts.
With the help of Vanessa her newly appointed and occasionally reluctant sidekick, Alice is determined to find out the truth. One thing is for sure, Alice is going to need to dust off some old skills to come through this in one piece.

Hip Flask and Hanging

97 year old Alice Atkinson has many ghosts in her past, but she never expected to see this one walk past her in the street.

She doesn't have much time to think about the past though as her friend Teresa asks her for help. She thinks someone is breaking into her apartment and soon Alice and her trusty young companion Vanessa are on the case.

Tracking down the culprit might be exactly what she needs to stop thinking about the events of London in 1969, but soon the two events may overlap more than she would like, and once again she finds herself in danger.
Alice has made it this far, she's not going down without a fight.

Troy's Possibilities

Boy meets girl, girl pepper sprays boy. Not the classic start to a love story. Especially when the boy has a condition which means he lives out different possible futures for himself. Some end well, some end badly, but they always end, and he finds himself back alone, with just his friend and flatmate Emily to keep him grounded.

Troy is jaded and drifting, all those possibilities have taken their toll. Then he meets Cat, and keeps meeting her. At first he dismisses it as coincidence, then through a series of events he comes to believe that she might be just what he needs to find balance and make sense of everything.

But in his strange world of possibilities nothing is straightforward.


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